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My name is Matt Olpinski and I've been designing and coding websites as a freelancer for over a decade. I've earned over $1.5M as a freelancer, worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, delivered work to over 100 clients, and started my own web design and development company, Matthew's Design Co.

Now, over 80,000 freelancers visit my website each year. My extensive experience, communication techniques, attention to detail, and organization strategies were all key factors that contributed to my success.

Have you ever sent out a proposal for a project only to hear crickets?

Or maybe the client "went in a different direction" after you spent hours exchanging emails, learning about their business, and writing a proposal.

Ugh... what a total waste of time!

This is the critical juncture where a client chooses to hire and pay you. It's also where most clients will abandon the project. The quality and effectiveness of your project proposal will determine whether you'll win a new project or lose it. Yet, most freelancers fail to write effective proposals.

This proposal template and the free bonus content will help you impress more clients and win more projects.

  • In this proposal package, you'll get...
  • My exact proposal template in 3 editable formats (.indd, .docx, and .rtf)
  • A help guide / instruction booklet in PDF format.
  • A bonus email template you can use to deliver your proposal to clients.

Because my proposals focus on the goals of the project and present the client with multiple options in a simple, digestible way, they almost always come back signed.

I've been using this exact template for years to get up to 100% close rates on my projects. Almost every proposal I send out comes back signed.

This template also includes real anonymous content from a proposal that resulted in a successful project. No lorem ipsum. That's means you'll get a proven example of effective content for each section to maximize your chances of getting the project.

This template will help you...

  • Show the client the value of your work
  • Focus on the project goals instead of line items
  • Write concise, effective proposals free of legal jargon
  • Save time by not rewriting each proposal
  • Make more money by winning more projects

Will this proposal really work?

Yes! I've been carefully tweaking and perfecting this proposal for years.

Most proposals don't do a good job of convincing the client to hire you. They're frequently confused or combined with legal jargon, only offer a single option/price, and don't focus on the goals of the project.

Instead, the client is left to translate how paying for your services will result in positive growth for their business. The higher your price, the more difficult this task becomes.

As a result, most clients perceive proposals as a "take it or leave it" option and often abandon the project.

As long as you're able to gather enough information to fill in each section as I've suggested, you will start closing more deals in no time!

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Project Proposal & Contract Bundle

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