Mastering Portfolio Websites

Matt Olpinski

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My name is Matt Olpinski and I've been designing and coding websites as a freelancer for over a decade. I've earned over $1.5M as a freelancer, worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, delivered work to over 100 clients, and started my own web design and development company, Matthew's Design Co.

Now, over 80,000 freelancers visit my website each year. My extensive experience, communication techniques, attention to detail, and organization strategies were all key factors that contributed to my success.

Is your portfolio website getting you enough freelance clients and projects?

Make strategic improvements to your website to attract high-value clients to your freelancing business. Stop chasing down work and transform your portfolio website into a powerful client-magnet that will help your freelance business thrive.

Rank Higher on Google - Harness the true power of SEO and make simple, strategic changes that will help you attract more clients

Attract High-Value Clients - Learn how to attract the right clients and use your website as a business tool that weeds out bad clients early on

Stop Chasing Paid Work - If you're always chasing down work, you're not really running a business. Your website should be doing this work for you

Unify Your Online Presence - Learn how to keep your online presence consistent across multiple platforms so you're sending a unified message

Improve Your Messaging - Learn how to speak to the right clients on your website. Get actionable advice you can start using today

Improve Your Positioning - Communicate a clear message to your ideal clients and set yourself up for long-term, sustainable success

Clients are searching for freelancers like you every day. You just have to make it easier for them find you.

Transform your standard portfolio website into a powerful client-getting business tool.

Previously, my website was entirely focused on me, my work, and my accomplishments. It didn’t attract many freelance clients because it failed to focus on them and explain WHY they should hire me.

👉 Learn how to attract great clients and stop chasing down paid work.

My freelance portfolio website has attracted hundreds of clients each year and ranks on the first page of Google. I’ve never pursued a freelance client and constantly turn away work for lack of availability.

👉 Clients are searching for freelancers like you every day. You just have to make it easier for them find you.

One day I realized that clients all over the world were searching for freelancers just like me, but because my website was focused on me, it wasn't appealing to them, and that's why they weren't contacting me.

📘 What will you get?

This eBook is 50 pages packed with simple, actionable advice (and examples) that helped me transform my portfolio website into a BUSINESS website clients loved. Here's what inside:

  • Chapter 1: Have Your Own Website
  • Chapter 2: Define the Purpose of Your Website
  • Chapter 3: Write Copy for Your Ideal Clients
  • Chapter 4: Optimize for Seo
  • Chapter 5: Display Your Best, Most Relevant Work
  • Chapter 6: Design for Your Ideal Client
  • Chapter 7: Stay Consistent on Social Media
  • Chapter 8: Examine the Competition
  • Chapter 9: Take the Time to be Patient
  • Chapter 10: Bonus: Freelancing Resources

Here's what one customer had to say 👇

I took Matt’s advice and designed a website I thought prospective clients would appreciate without sacrificing my own design preferences. With the same audience and visibility, I went from almost zero hits to 50+ each week, which I’m hopeful will result in more paid client projects this year.

- Nizar M, Full-Stack Web & App Developer

What are you waiting for?

The dead-simple methods I’ve used to organically get my website in front of 20,000 people a year are all outlined in this guide.

I’ll show you exactly how I did it using dead-simple, common-sense content and SEO strategies.

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Mastering Portfolio Websites

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