Kickstart Your Freelancing Career

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👋👨🏻‍💻 About the Author:

My name is Matt Olpinski and I've been designing and coding websites as a freelancer for over a decade. I've earned over $1.5M as a freelancer, worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, delivered work to over 100 clients, and started my own web design and development company, Matthew's Design Co.

Now, over 80,000 freelancers visit my website each year. My extensive experience, communication techniques, attention to detail, and organization strategies were all key factors that contributed to my success.


The Kickstart Your Freelancing Career eBook provides timeless advice on how to build a solid foundation for your freelancing career and become a premium freelancer in an over-saturated market. It's packed with all the advice, tips, and tricks I used to quit my day job, triple my income, and work with the best brands in the world.

What readers are saying: 

Kickstart Your Freelancing Career is the book that I wish I had a few years ago. No other book on design has inspired me to take action as much as this one. I really liked the fact that Matt included worksheets with each chapter, because after gaining expert knowledge it forces you to take ACTION, which is one of the most valuable lessons of all.

- Mike M, Freelance UI/UX Designer

"I wish I had a guide like this years ago. Kickstart Your Freelancing Career is a definite must-read for creatives starting their own business and gives a “real-world” perspective on freelancing and being a business owner."

- Adam G, Freelance Illustrator & Designer

"This is the book I wish I had when I started freelancing. The worksheets and key takeaways at the end of each chapter were really helpful. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in going out on their own."

- Travis H, Freelance UI/UX Designer

"As an introverted designer, Matt's advice inspired me to become more confident in how I sell myself, price my services, and maintain integrity when pitching to clients."

- Jess S, Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator

"Matt's advice in Chapter 6 alone was worth a lot more than what I paid for book because it gave me an anchor to throw in any time I see design reviews drifting into subjectivity."

- David D, Freelance Designer & Strategist

What's Inside?

  • Chapter 1: Is Freelancing Right for You?
  • Chapter 2: How to Make Freelancing Your Primary Income
  • Chapter 3: Identifying and Attracting Your Ideal Client
  • Chapter 4: Properly Setting Your Rate
  • Chapter 5: Writing a Winning Proposal
  • Chapter 6: Managing Projects, Clients, and Expectations
  • Chapter 7: Collecting Payments, Testimonials, and Referrals

Bonus Features:

The book also includes 70+ questions and 7 key takeaways to help you put this advice into action. It's 53 pages packed with professional insights and advice.

What makes this book different?

The way people perceive their experiences and apply what they have learned is the reason why many books written on exactly the same topic can all be best-sellers.

My personal experience with freelancing is unlike anyone else's. I've learned from some of the best, but I've also forged my own path and adapted what I've learned to my own business.

At just about 50 pages in length, Kickstart Your Freelancing Career is the highlight reel to all the other books I've read that cover these topics in excruciating (and sometimes unnecessary) detail.

Why Pay $27?

Buying eBooks is one of the best choices I ever made as a freelancer. You can take the advice in this book with you forever and adapt it to your own career. If Kickstart Your Freelancing Career can help you get 1 new lead, close 1 more deal, quit your day job, or just make your clients a little bit happier, this book will pay for itself x100 over and over again. If you truly can't find anything valuable or helpful in this book, I will refund your money 100%.

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Kickstart Your Freelancing Career

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