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Matt Olpinski

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My name is Matt Olpinski and I've been designing and coding websites as a freelancer for over a decade. I've earned over $1.5M as a freelancer, worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, delivered work to over 100 clients, and started my own web design and development company, Matthew's Design Co.

Now, over 80,000 freelancers visit my website each year. My extensive experience, communication techniques, attention to detail, and organization strategies were all key factors that contributed to my success.

Do you find yourself writing the same emails to your freelance clients over and over again?

I used to waste hours of my day re-writing the same old emails to clients when I could have been working on a project. I knew there had to be a better way.

That’s when I discovered the power of email templates. The Yesware extension for Google Chrome adds a special button to your Gmail Composer that allows you to create email templates like the ones you’ll find in this book. Here's a demo video I recorded to show you how it works.

Note: You do not need Yesware to use email templates. You can store them anywhere and paste them into any email composer as needed.

How Email Templates Help You

  • Write more consistent emails

  • Write more clearly and professionally

  • Save hours of time each week

  • Work with happier clients

Included Templates:

To help get you started, I’ve identified the top 10 email templates I use to communicate with my freelance clients and compiled them together in this book. You can use them just the way they are or customize them to fit your needs.

  • Long-Term / Full-Time Recruiters
  • Has Immediate Freelance Needs
  • Redirect to Inquiry Form
  • Project Inquiry Follow-Up
  • No Response Follow-Up
  • Proposal Delivery
  • Change in Availability
  • Proposal Extension Reminder
  • Progress Report
  • Thank You (for a Successful Project)

This download will pay for itself after just one email!


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Client Email Response Templates

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